El Sartén, Santo Domingo.

Santo Domingo is the first Spanish city of the ‘Indies’, established by Diego Columbus, son of Christopher in the early 16th century ( there were of course many indigenous cities in the Americas before the arrival of Columbus). It is capital of the Dominican Republic.
I was lucky enough to find, El Sartén, a superb, convivial, friendly music bar in the old town (zona colonial). El Sartén, which translates as frying pan, calls itself La Catedral de la Música Caribeña y el Hogar del Son (the cathedral of Caribean music and the home of son). It was certainly sizzling when I was there. I took some photos on a Friday night (dance night) and Sunday night when there was live salsa music, featuring Yanoret and her band (inevitably a dance night too) – it was, as she said after each song -‘linda, sabrosa’.. I was made to feel very welcome by the barman and DJ (Michael Curiel – also the owner, I think). Nobody seemed to mind me taking photos…here are a few of them.

4 thoughts on “El Sartén, Santo Domingo.”

    1. Thank you…I really liked this place. If there’s a next time I’ll make sure I have a basic salsa step down, dance and leave the camera behind. I posted some on Facebook and the bar owner really liked them. As you can see in some photos El Sartén has superb photos on its walls.


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