Punk in the East – 40 years.


Norwich is celebrating 40 years of punk in the east with various events around the city, including a trail with photos and memorabilia and a series of gigs. More information here: http://www.punkintheeast.co.uk/ and full credit to Jonty, who with the help of a few has helped to put it all together.
My own small contribution is these photos, taken between 1979 & 1984, some of which can be seen at Frank’s bar and The Museum of Norwich over the next month or two. You can buy the fanzine Young Offenders: Punk in Norwich 1976-1984 at the Bookhive and follow the trail in The Lanes.
If you want to buy any of these photos please contact me at paul_harley @hotmail.com

5 thoughts on “Punk in the East – 40 years.”

    1. The people in the photo lived at Neville Street. They called her biscuit lady because she used to bring them biscuits from the chocolate factory nearby, because she worried that they didn’t eat enough. She was around when I took the photo and had to be in it. She was also in the Salvation Army.


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