I was lucky enough to win a holiday for 6 days in Senegal. We extended our time to 2 weeks and went in November and December 2015 and really enjoyed our time travelling there. Among the highlights were a visit to Touba at the end of the Grand Magal, a pilgrimage which is undertaken by about 3 million Senegalese, visits to various national parks, a sidetrip into The Gambia to the sleepy town of Janjabureh on the River Gambia and across to St Louis, the old colonial capital of Senegal, where we saw the great Malian singer Oumou Sangare.


2 thoughts on “Senegal”

  1. Mmm, these are awesome indeed Have reurned from chile and will send update Its been intensive training in yoga up against the wall cery streching and aligning Im thinking of going to london for a week or 2 in may for very special training and would lve to meet you again Best




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