Norfolk Churches

I have enjoyed visiting Norfolk churches for years, often stumbling on them on bike rides. Many sit lonely in fields, their villages having moved their focus over the centuries. Some are simple and humble, a few are grand and spectacular, but many reveal secrets forgotten or barely known except to a few experts, or individuals who help maintain them and keep them open. The atmosphere inside is usually very calm and peaceful. These photos are not an attempt to systematically chronicle their greatest treasures, but aim to give a feeling of their atmosphere, of the skill of local craftsmen, and highlight parts in them that I have found interesting.


4 thoughts on “Norfolk Churches”

  1. the text is just beautiful the photos remind me of bulgaria somehow, the early orthodox, a country where Id like to find a place to stay as in alpujarras and its inexpensive, we had a very nice catalan bulgarian guide who drove us around for 4 days, friend of Lua, Alicias daughter who lives in berlin where we are now, interesting city


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